Privacy Policy


The Winning Line respects the fact that you have freely given your personal details.


We will not, in any way, abuse the trust you have shown us. Your details have been automatically entered into our database. Our interest is in providing you with specifically targeted emails and/or SMS text messages that will be of benefit to you.


By registering, The Winning Line considers that you are interested in learning more about The Winning Line Membership Services. We will therefore contact you via email and/or SMS text messages in due course.


The Winning Line is also connected with other products about making money, and if we feel they are relevant to you, we may contact you via email and/or SMS text messages on a selected, controlled basis.


We believe in putting control in your hands. Every single marketing email and/or SMS text message we send you has the option for you to unsubscribe - and if that is your choice then we will act upon your instruction within 48 hours. We don't want our own inbox filled with unwanted emails or text messages so we can fully understand how you want to control the emails and text messages you receive.


Betting information to our members is relayed by email and / or SMS text message. By joining one of our services, you consent to receiving daily betting information from The Winning Line. If you no longer wish to receive this information via email and / or SMS text message, please call our office on 01625 315 654 and we'll remove you from our lists.